Talks & Conferences

Our team is grateful to be able to share our experiences and in-depth tutorials on such big platforms such as Page Builder Summit and WordFest Live. Have a look at the topics we have discussed during these events:

How Stackable Turns Gutenberg into a Page Builder | Page Builder Summit 2.0 Talk

In our Page Builder Summit 2.0 Presentation, we show how Stackable can simply turn Gutenberg into a Page Builder and what it adds to Gutenberg as a web design tool.

Building Dynamic Websites with Gutenberg and Stackable | Page Builder Summit 3.0 Talk

In our Page Builder Summit 3.0 Presentation, we show how you can maximize Stackable’s built-in dynamic functionality as you build dynamic websites with Gutenberg.

Maintaining Authentic Team Bonds In A Remote Setting | WordFest Live July 2021 Talk

In our WordFest Live July 2021 Presentation, we show how our team was able to build and maintain authentic relationships with each other despite our 100% shift to a WFH set up.