UI Kits, Borders & Improved Performance

UI Kits, Borders & Improved Performance


Today we’re in the first phase of our UI Kits and added some highly requested features: borders and HTML anchor links. We’ve also greatly increased our plugin’s performance and compatibility with the upcoming WordPress 5.6 update. Upgrade to 2.13.0 now.

Refreshed Design Library

Revamped Design Library

We’ve recently refreshed our designs in the design library and increased our total number designs to 223.

This wasn’t just a normal design refresh, we revamped some of the designs that needed some improvements, and removed a few that didn’t fit in.

We also took this opportunity to introduce something that we want to build on in the coming months in Stackable: UI Kits.

Introducing: UI Kits

So what are UI Kits? 

UI Kits are basically groups of cohesive designs that work well when used together (for now).

Previously, while we had hundreds of block designs, they were presented in a huge list which were organized by block. Unfortunately, this made it a bit difficult to find matching or designs that looked great together, the designs looked all jumbled up.

UI Kits solves this issue. We’ve grouped together all our designs into 29 unique UI Kits in the design library. So now you can browse based on an overall look.

In future updates, we’re hoping to add more kits and expand on this concept further.

New Options: Borders

New in this update is a highly request feature: Border Options.

We are sometimes asked why we don’t have this very essential feature. Truth be told, it was because we weren’t asked for it before.

Shadow options were already present in almost every block, and we figured that was enough for everyone. Well, we were wrong, and during the past few months we’ve been asked about it multiple times.

So starting now, you can now start adjusting the borders of almost any block. You can adjust the borders of all sides at once, or one by one.

HTML Anchor Links

Now in every block, you can now set each block’s HTML ID.

These are useful when creating in-page links.

Here’s a typical scenario: let’s say you have a pricing box near the middle of your page and you want your visitors to be able to jump to that section right away.

To do this, you can add an ID with the name “pricing” on your pricing box block:

and then create a button on the top of your page that links to “#pricing”.

Now when your visitors click on your button, they’ll quickly jump to see your prices.

Just go to the Advanced panel inside the Advanced tab to access this option.

More Performance Improvements

In the last update, we improved the performance when changing different inspector options.

Now we’re bringing you a much more faster experience with even more performance improvements.

Revamped Getting Started Page

We’ve also improved in our Getting Started area, the one you see when first activating Stackable.

This is to better help out people who are new to Stackable so they can easily discover how they can use our blocks for their websites.

WordPress 5.6 Compatibility

WordPress 5.6 will be out in a few days, so we’ve ensured that Stackable would work great in the latest version of WordPress.

We still have backwards compatibility up until WordPress 5.4. So you don’t have to worry if your website is still a few versions behind.


That’s it for what’s new in version 2.13.0.

We’ve also fixed a few bugs:

  • Blog Posts block now handle custom taxonomies in posts and pages correctly
  • Blog Posts block now shows the correct number of entries when specifying post IDs
  • Expand block typography can sometimes not apply in the frontend
  • Blockquote block background image tint not working
  • Global Settings will no longer show up when in content only editing mode
  • PHP error when other plugins use the plugin_action_links filter incorrectly
  • Some slider controls are stuck on the left when moving them

We’re quite excited for the future UI Kits, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this new concept. Expect to see more on this in the coming months!

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