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Unlock the full potential of the WordPress Editor with Stackable Premium this BFCM sale


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30% Off

$ 34.30 per year

Renews at regular rate


Three Sites


40% Off

$ 59.40 per year

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Unlimited Sites


50% Off

$ 74.50 per year

Renews at regular rate

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Unlimited Sites


50% Off

$ 249.50

One-time payment

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Only Available in Premium Plans
  • Ready-made Designs & UI Kits
  • Advanced Design Controls
  • Motion Effects
  • Advanced Blog Options
  • Dynamic Content
  • Role Manager
  • One-on-one Customer Support
  • CSS Customization

Play mini-games, enter raffles, and win prizes

Win stickers, license extensions, Stackable t-shirts, or an iPad!

Total Games Played

Fly for as long as you can without hitting the obstackbles!

Test your memory! Flip and find all matching pairs

Catch the blocks as they popup, stay away from the fake blocks!

Gameplay and Raffle Mechanics
  • Anyone can play and enjoy the Block Friday mini games (no need to be a Stackable user).
  • To join the raffle draws, you must be a Stackable Premium user to earn tickets when you play.
  • Stackable Premium users will earn tickets based on your all-time high score for each of the Block Friday mini games. The tickets will be used as raffle entries for great prizes.
  • You will need to login with an email address that is associated with a premium Stackable account for your points to be converted to tickets.
  • Your tickets will automatically be converted into the corresponding number of raffle entries for the raffle draw.
  • 1 ticket = 1 raffle entry. The more tickets you have, the more raffle entries you earn and the better your chances of winning in the raffle draws.
  • There will be a daily raffle draw from November 25-28 at 9 PM (PST). The raffle winners will be notified via email of their prize and how to claim it.
  • Feel free to share or post your results on the leaderboard using the hashtag #StackableBlockFriday!

Compare Stackable Free vs. Premium


Page Builder-like Design Optionsβœ“βœ“
Custom Blocks3939
Nesting Blocks in Other Blocks βœ“βœ“
Fast Page Loading Speedβœ“βœ“
Blog Posts Block OptionsBasicAdvanced
One-on-one Customer Supportβ€“βœ“
Regular Premium Updatesβ€“βœ“

Ready-Made Designs

Ready-made Block Designs100437
Unique UI Kits8377
Wireframes 4444
Separator Designs1 layer3 layers

Design Tools

Block Layouts3387
Block BG and Image Color Settingsβœ“βœ“
Block Typography Settingsβœ“βœ“
Basic Image Shapesβœ“βœ“
50+ Image Blob Shapesβ€“βœ“
Basic Icon Optionsβœ“βœ“
Upload Own SVG Iconsβœ“βœ“
Gradient Multicolor & BG Shape for Iconsβ€“βœ“
Advanced Column and Spacingβœ“βœ“
Block Hover Stylesβœ“βœ“
Border Optionsβœ“βœ“
Copy-Paste Stylesβ€“βœ“
Clickable Containers βœ“βœ“
Motion Effects β€“βœ“
Saving Default Block Stylesβœ“βœ“

Global Settings

Global Typographyβœ“βœ“
Global Colorsβœ“βœ“

Blog Posts Settings

Basic Settingsβœ“βœ“
Custom Post Typesβ€“βœ“
Display Specific Posts Onlyβœ“βœ“
Offset Postsβœ“βœ“
Load More Buttonβ€“βœ“
Pagination βœ“

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Contentβ€“βœ“
Block Conditional Display β€“βœ“
Built-in Custom Fields β€“βœ“
Customized Query Loops β€“βœ“

Agency Tools

Block CSS Customizerβ€“βœ“
User Role Managerβ€“βœ“


Live Responsive Editingβœ“βœ“
Design Options for Mobile and Tabletβœ“βœ“
Hide / Show on Desktop, Tablet & Mobileβœ“βœ“
Responsive Column Collapse Options βœ“βœ“


Font Awesome Freeβœ“βœ“
Font Awesome Proβ€“βœ“
Google Fontsβœ“βœ“
ACF β€“βœ“
Meta Boxβ€“βœ“



I downloaded Stackable and after a short time went ahead and got the Premium version. The standard (free) version will work for most, but I just wanted more control over finer points – control that the Premium version gave me. Great product.”

Denise Todd

Author, Public Speaker, and Writers’ Advocate

I previously used a page builder for my website, but that is so 2018! Gutenberg with Stackable is all most folks will ever need. Plus, it’s easy to use. Yes, there is a bit of a learning curve, but that is more with Gutenberg, in general, rather than with Stackable. The free Stackable plugin is excellent; Stackable Premium version is even more excellent. πŸ™‚ It’s kind of like hitting the road in a BMW X5 vs. a MB G Class SUV.”

Ron Trujillo


I like the Stackable Blocks a lot. I recommend Stackable to all that want to build their sites with Gutenberg. I used the free version and switched to the premium one after a week, that was a no-brainer. It just works, it’s stable, fast and the customization options are very powerful – the custom css per block feature is a very nice approach. Keep up the good work.”

Michael Galli

Founder of WebTNG

Frequently Asked Questions

BFCM 2022

When is the sale period?

Our sale period is from November 21 – November 28, 2022

How to avail of discount?

Discount will automatically be applied during checkout

When I renew next year, is the discount applied?

Discount only applies for the first year of purchase. The following year will follow the normal rate of your plan.

How can I join the Daily Raffles?

To join the raffle, simply play one of our awesome Block Friday Games to earn tickets. The more tickets you get, the more raffle entries you earn and the better your chances of winning the raffle. Only Stackable Premium users are eligible to join the raffle.

The lifetime plan includes lifetime upgrades?

Yes, if you avail of our lifetime plan you would have lifetime access to our Premium features, updates, and technical support

Is your Lifetime Plan included in your BFCM Sale?

Yes, you can get 50% off our Agency Lifetime this BFCM Sale Period

What are the BFCM deals?

TiersDiscounted PriceRegular PriceDiscountSites
Agency (Annual)$74.50$149.0050%Unlimited
Agency (Lifetime)$249.50$499.0050%Unlimited

Are Stackable blocks compatible with any themes and plugins?

Yes, Stackable’s blocks are compatible with any theme or plugin. Our blocks blend with the theme you’re using. Also, you can use Stackable blocks alongside other block libraries. If you find any plugin conflicts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Is this a subscription service?

No, Stackable Premium is not a subscription service. You can enjoy lifetime use of the Premium features (even after your license expires), but access to Premium updates and one-on-one support will only be available if you have an active license. You will need to renew your license to continue getting updates and support after your annual license expires.

What does β€œLifetime Use” mean?

Lifetime use means that you can use our premium features even if your license key has already expired.

Can Stackable Premium be used to create websites for clients?

Of course, you can use your license key for websites you created for clients.

What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as PayPal payments.

Can I upgrade my Premium plan?

Yes, you may upgrade your plan any time with a prorated price.

What kind of support do you offer?

All our support is done via one-on-one emails. We will gladly help you with troubleshooting plugin bugs, conflicts and help you out in using Stackable. We do not however, offer design or customization requests.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we have a 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If within 14 days of purchase, you are unhappy with Stackable Premium or have an issue that we are unable to resolve, we’ll happily consider offering a 100% refund of your money.


What happens when my license expires?

Everything would still work as usual, you will still be able to use all our premium features. You will just not get new premium updates and support.

What does the annual renewal cover?

The annual renewal just covers further premium updates and email support.

Can I transfer my license from one site to another?

Sure. You can transfer your license key by first deactivating it from your site, then installing the premium version and activating your license key in your other site.

Does my development environment count as a license activation?

Nope, development environments like localhost or .dev domains do not count as site activations. If you’re a developer, feel free to use your license key during development.

If you’re wondering about anything else, we are ready to help

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