How to Install Stackable for WordPress Beginners

This tutorial will teach you how to easily install Stackable. This tutorial is meant for beginners to WordPress and first-time users.

Installing Stackable

What it’s For
  • It is the first step on your road to enjoying Stackable 😊
How to Do It
  • Go to your WordPress admin page
  • Under Plugins Section on the admin menu, click Add New
  • Search for Stackable through the search box
  • Click the Install Now button
  • After installation, click the Activate button
  • Once Stackable is activated, it will be added to your admin menu and the Stackable page will appear

This completes the installation of Stackable in your WordPress site. 🥳

When you add new blocks to your page using the block editor, Stackable blocks will already be in the add block pop up. Enjoy! 😊

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