Stackable V3


New features. Better functionality. Better performance. A whole new way of building with Stackable.

Our New Features in a Nutshell

Smoother & Intuitive Workflow

Experience your favorite Stackable options made more intuitively. With a brand new way to build with Stackable, enjoy blocks that totally adapt to your workflow.

Brand New Effects & Designs

Go crazy with brand new blocks, transition effects, and designs that will instantly make your site stand out and leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Optimized Web Performance

Built for superior web performance, SEO, and high Core web vitals. Enjoy zero bloat and see all the difference it can make as you edit with the Gutenberg Editor.

Advanced Responsiveness Settings

Never compromise your designs ever again. Get to have more control on how you build your designs in any type of device with all new responsive settings and additional compatibility.

More Dynamic Functionality

Unlock the potential of having a dynamic website. Have access to additional dynamic content functionality such as Customized Post Loops, Custom fields, and Conditional Display, all built within Stackable.

What’s New in V3

Experience Stackable Like Never Before. Get a glimpse into Version 3 and design advanced websites that stand out using a new page building experience for Gutenberg.

Achieve any design you want

Have the confidence and complete freedom to easily build any type of content you envision. With all new blocks, dynamic hover styles, and transitions, you can create unforgettable and immersive experiences for your website visitors.

  • 9 brand new basic blocks, making our block count 35!
  • New and improved UI Kit designs
  • Brand new entrance, exit, and scroll animations
  • Ability to design different hover styles for entire blocks
  • Additional advanced block options

Building Pages with Stackable just got better

Blocks are now composed of multiple smaller blocks that give you full control and complete flexibility on how you want your blocks to look.

  • Revamped blocks that easily adapt to your workflow
  • Ability to nest blocks within other blocks
  • New image resizing and filter options
  • Even better margin and padding controls and UI
  • Option to link/unlink columns for easier styling

Even better performance with more optimized file loading

Built with Core Web Vitals and PageSpeed Insight Scores in mind, you can now enjoy much smaller lightweight blocks, optimized file sizes, and overall loading speed performance.

  • Zero bloat, no jQuery, no dependencies
  • Scripts and CSS files will only be loaded when necessary
  • The smallest file size possible to get page builder-like features

Conveniently build for any screen

Meet the most advanced responsiveness settings for Gutenberg and have complete control over how you build your designs in any type of device. You can now specify how you want your columns to collapse on mobile and tablet views.

  • Collapse a 4-column layout into 2-columns in mobile
  • Adjust breakpoints for a much simpler and flexible design workflow

Take it a step further with Dynamic Content

We made Dynamic Content with Stackable so much better.

  • Assign images, buttons, links and more as dynamic content.
  • Create unique experiences for your visitors with our built-in Custom Fields and Conditional Display!
  • Create your own Query Loop with featured images, post meta data, and more

Learn All About Our Newest Version

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Experience our biggest update yet, Stackable V3!

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