A Collection of Essential Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress

Stackable: Ultimate Gutenberg Addon by Gambit Technologies

Ultimate Gutenberg Blocks

Stackable adds the missing design blocks and options you need in the WordPress Gutenberg editor.

Stackable Screenshot

And more blocks to come.

Growing number of blocks…

Each block contains essential features to create a website from WordPress’ latest visual editor.

Simple to Use

No set up process involved, just install and activate Stackable to get your new blocks.

Get More Blocks

Our blocks contain everything you need in order to create your landing page or front page content.

Customizable Blocks

Design your blocks the way you want. Change styles, colors, add background images, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Requirements

You’ll need the Gutenberg plugin for this to work. Once you’ve downloaded both Gutenberg and your copy of Stackable, install both on your WordPress website, activate them, and you’re good to go.

Why would I need an add-on for Gutenberg?

Currently, Gutenberg has some of the most basic features needed to create a website. However, we wanted to extend its current functionality by developing more options for designing and creating your Gutenberg-built website. Along with the additional blocks, Stackable also lets you change colors, edit text and shape sizes, and tweak your blocks styles.

What is Gutenberg and why do I need it for Stackable to work?

Gutenberg is a beta project by Matt Mullenweg, the co-founder of WordPress. It’s a visual builder prototype of the new WordPress editor that’s coming out with WordPress 5.0 sometime this year.

Since it’s yet to be fully integrated with WordPress, Gutenberg comes as a separate plugin for developers and beta testers. Stackable is an add-on for the current Gutenberg plugin, so you’ll need both of them installed for you to use Stackable.

Can I use this add-on for other page builders I’m using?

Nope. Stackable only works with Gutenberg.

Want more blocks?

We’ll let you know when Stackable Pro is available!

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