Paid Annually

Best for Personal Websites

Additional 15+ Premium Layouts
Premium Effects for Included Blocks
CSS Customizer (Coming Soon)
1 year of Email Customer Support
1 year of Updates




Great for Professionals
& Growing Businesses

ALL 50 Premium Layouts
ALL Premium Effects
CSS Customizer (Coming Soon)
1 year of Email Customer Support
1 year of Updates

What do I get with Stackable Premium?

Stackable Premium extends the capabilities of Stackable and the new WordPress editor to give you the smoothest page building experience.

Stackable Premium takes the core Stackable Philosophy of balancing utility and great design and pushes the envelope even further by providing premium design layouts and effects, premium functionality and focused one-on-one customer care.

While you can create great pages with Stackable, Stackable Premium lets you do so much more.

Up to 50 Premium Layouts

Mix, match and toggle between different premium layouts. Using the ready-made Stackable Premium layouts is the simplest way to build modern websites with a professional finish.

Up to 50 Premium Layouts

Premium Effects

Take your blocks to the next level with Stackable premium effects and capture your visitors’ attention.

Premium Effects

CSS Customizer – COMING SOON

Tweak default block styles for a pixel-perfect fit using Stackable’s CSS customizer.

CSS Customizer - COMING SOON

One Year of Updates and Support

Get access to our focused customer care through one-on-one email support, and keep your plug-in in top notch condition with year-long updates.

One Year of Updates and Support


What is the difference between the Starter and Professional plans?

The Starter plan is geared more for personal use and only includes layouts and effects for the following blocks: header, blog posts, blockquote, and call to action. The Professional plan on the other hand, includes layouts and effects for all available blocks.

Are Stackable blocks compatible with any themes and plugins?

Yes, Stackable’s blocks are compatible with any theme or plugin. Our blocks blend with the theme you’re using. Also, you can use Stackable blocks alongside other block libraries. If you find any plugin conflicts, do not hesitate to contact us.

What mode of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, as well as PayPal payments.

What happens when my license expires?

All the pages you’ve already created would still work the same when your license expires. For annual subscriptions, you would still be able to use all the premium features afterwards, but you won’t get any further updates and support. For monthly subscriptions, you won’t be able to use any of the premium features once your license expires.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we have a 7-day satisfaction guarantee. If within 7 days of purchase, you are unhappy with Stackable Premium or have an issue that we are unable to resolve, we’ll happily consider offering a 100% refund of your money.

Does my development environment count as a license activation?

Nope, development environments like localhost or .dev domains do not count as site activations. If you’re a developer, feel free to use your license key during development.I bought Stackable Pro – Professional. Can I use it for my clients?

What are the differences between Stackable free and Stackable Premium?

Premium gives you additional block layout designs, more block options and additional effects.

Can I upgrade my Premium plan?

Yes you may switch plans any time with a prorated price.

Can I use the Premium version for my clients?

Yes of course!

Do you have any plans that allow for more than 5 sites?

If you need a license that can power more than 5 sites, please contact us at

What kind of support do you offer?

All our support is done via one-on-one emails. We will gladly help you with troubleshooting plugin bugs, conflicts and help you out in using Stackable. We do not however, offer design or customization requests.

Can I transfer my license from one site to another?

Sure. You can transfer your license key by first deactivating it from your site, then installing the premium version and activating your license key in your other site.

Do you have any lifetime plans?

No, sorry, we do not have any lifetime plans or one-time payment plans.