How to Add Stackable Blocks

This tutorial will teach you how to add Stackable Blocks to your posts or pages. This tutorial is meant for beginners to WordPress and first-time users.

Adding Stackable Blocks

What it’s For
  • Adding Stackable blocks will allow you to use more complex and useful blocks within the Stackable block library.
  • Adding Stackable blocks lets you choose blocks with different functions using various layouts and block elements
How to Do It
  • When editing a post or page, click the Add Block (+) button
  • This will open the Add Block Pop-up
  • Scroll to and click on the Stackable Drawer
  • Click the block icon to choose the Stackable block that you want to use
  • Stackable blocks are easy to spot – just look for the icons in Stackable pink and purple
  • After clicking the icon, the Stackable block will be added to your post or page
  • As an example, here we added the Header Block

Keep on adding as many Stackable blocks as needed and easily build your perfect website. Enjoy! 🤟

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