How to Add Content Using Stackable

This tutorial will teach you how to add your content – text, images and videos – using Stackable Blocks.  This tutorial is meant for beginners to WordPress and first-time users.

Adding Content Using Stackable

What it’s For
  • Your content, as they say, is the point of it all. The main reason for having a website is to showcase your content.
  • Using Stackable allows you to showcase your content easily and beautifully.
How to Do It
Adding Text
  • Click on the part of the Stackable block where you want to add your text and delete the placeholder text.
  • The placeholder text will be grayed out when it is already deleted.
  • Type in your own text.
Modifying Text Colors
  • Modify text colors in the inspector.
  • Scroll to the Color Settings section and click the text color of the text you want to modify.
  • Select colors from the palette or use the custom color picker.
Adding an Image
  • You can add images in block areas where you see a placeholder image icon.
Placeholder Image Icon
  • Click on block that you want to edit.
  • Click the placeholder image icon where you want to add your image to open the Select or Upload Media pop-up.
  • Upload the image you want to use by either (1) dropping files into the Select or Upload Media pop-up or (2) clicking the Select File button.
  • The image you upload will be added to the Media Library.
  • Make sure the image you want is checked, then click the Select button.
  • Your image will then appear in your Stackable block
  • We are using the Image Box block as an example here

Adding an Image or Video as Background
  • There are Stackable blocks that let you add images or videos as background. These blocks will show background settings in the inspector.
  • Click the image icon in the background image setting and follow the same steps as adding an image above to add images and videos in the background.

Go to town with adding different content using Stackable blocks. 🤓

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5 thoughts on “How to Add Content Using Stackable

  1. When will parralax backgrounds be available?

    Can I add other blocks inside a block?
    E.g. add a list under a paragraph when using the CTA block?

    1. I’m not sure if we can add Parralax Backgrounds anytime soon. 😥

      You can not add other blocks inside a block. If you want a way to customize it, you can add Container block then put different blocks inside it.

  2. I don’t see anywhere an explanation for why “full width” and “wide width” options are not available for styling containers in all themes. I see it when using the TwentyNineteen theme but not other themes. I see only the “align centre” where the other style options should be. Does Stackable depend on the theme styles for the above rather than creating its own styles?

    With regard to the Header block, I also do not see the “Half Overlay”, “Half” and “Huge” layout options. Is this for the same reasons?


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