How to Transfer Billing to your Client

If you have created a website for your client and you have purchased Stackable Premium on their behalf, you can transfer the ownership and billing of Stackable Premium to your client.

You can easily transfer billing to your client by doing these steps:

1. Login your Stackable account through this link:

2. Navigate to Renewals and Billings, then select your plan and click on “Cancel Auto-Renew“.


3. Navigate to Websites and click on your client’s website in the list. Then click on “Transfer Billing to Client“.


4. Afterwards, a popup will open which will notify your client of the transfer. Input your client’s name and email. An email with a direct purchase link will be sent to your client so they can associate their billing with Stackable Premium while keeping the license and management on your end. You will get a notification when this will happen.


Will My Staging Site Count as a Site in My License?

Nope, your staging site, local development site, or tests site won’t be counted as a site in your license.

Here are the Top-level domains that are considered as dev or staging:

  • *.dev
  • * (DesktopServer)
  • *.test
  • *.local
  • *.staging
  • *.example
  • *.invalid
  • * (GoDaddy)
  • * (Cloudways)
  • * (WPSandbox)
  • * (tunneling)

And here are the Subdomains that are considered as dev or staging:

  • local.*
  • dev.*
  • test.*
  • stage.*
  • staging.*
  • stagingN.* (SiteGround; N is an unsigned int)
  • * (WP Engine)
  • * (WP Engine)
  • (Pantheon) (Pantheon)
  • staging-* (Kinsta)