3-Minute Introduction Video to Stackable Blocks

3-Minute Introduction Video to Stackable Blocks

Stackable has a lot of features and options. In order to help you get to know better how Stackable works and how to better design your pages, we’ve provided a brief video that teaches the basics.

The video explains the basics of the following:

  • How a typical Stackable block works,
  • What the different tabs: layout, style and advanced do,
  • How block backgrounds work,
  • Double-clicking block elements for quick editing, and
  • How to access help video tooltips,

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6 thoughts on “3-Minute Introduction Video to Stackable Blocks

    1. Unfortunately, we don’t have a feature to quickly view your design on desktop, tablet and mobile.

      We only have a mobile responsive toggle, where you can change the value of your settings depending on your screen size. But the block editor will not automatically preview it. The only way to check your design is to view your frontend or click the preview button. 😊

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